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Check out our classic collection of styles from the finest Victorian Tailors. Or at least, their more recent counterparts somewhere in Asia.

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A gentleman always sports a pair of well pressed trousers. Gentlemen, get yours here.

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We offer a full selection of elegant gowns for ladies of all eras.

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SteamPunk Extras

The Walsingham 4-pc Ensemble - $157.78

The Walsingham 4-pc Ensemble  - $157.78
The Walsingham 4-pc Ensemble includes: * The Walsingham Shrug (C1206) * Steampunk Striped Underbust Corset (C1217) * Victorian Skirt (C1226) * McGreedy Blouse (C1018), White Color Accessories like jewelry & head band are not included.

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Trench Coat -C1368 $161.79

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Trench Coat  -C1368  $161.79
A man of action is a man wearing steampunk at ease and every day of the week. Such a man is a steampunk fan's dream, one available through the magic of this catalog. Made from Rugged Faux Leather, Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Trench Coat is a complete Steampunk outfit in itself. It can be paired with any shirt & trousers to complete your Steampunk look. With High Quality Metal Buckles & Buttons & full Satin Lining, the coat is a premium quality product & should not be confused for a costume. Faux Leather Straps ensure a perfect fit in front & on sleeves. Exists in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

Midshipmans Underbust Corset C1210 $61.88

Midshipmans Underbust Corset C1210  $61.88
My name is Victoria. I hail from England and a land of wood and brass furnishings, curlicues and flowers as decoration on machines. Why? Only to be pretty!! Made from Black and Wine Poplin fabric, the corset has steel busk in front & drawstring with eyelets at back. Black Twill lining for comfortable wearing. Available in sizes: 20 inch - 36 inch (increments of 2 inch). Front Length: 11 inch. Back Length: 10 inch

Marquess Underbust Corset C1212 $61.88

Marquess Underbust Corset C1212  $61.88
The Marquess is known as a woman for all adventures, coming from the fringes of society only to raise herself to the highest spheres of Jules Verne's lovers. She revels in romantic stories mixed with futuristic scientific discoveries. A true marquess of style and unbridled enthusiasm. A Cotton Velvet corset with beautiful intrinsic lace at the top & bottom edges. Black Twill lining for comfortable wearing. The front & back length: 9.5 inch. Available in sizes: 20 inch - 36 inch (increments of 2 inch).

Classic Victorian Men's Shirt -C1289 $65.88

    Classic Victorian Men's Shirt     -C1289   $65.88
A man of distinction wearing a crips white shirt, a would-be Watson getting ready for the day. The Classic Victorian Men's Shirt is just the perfect start to your steampunk attire. The winged collar shirt in white cotton fabric will look good under all your vests and coats. The shirt can also be worn as such to flaunt its pintex yoke on the front. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Comes in XX-Large and XXX-Large with a supplement of $10.00 for these two last sizes.

Steampunk Leather Short Jacket -C1336 $109.88

Steampunk Leather Short Jacket  -C1336  $109.88
Its time to bring in some steam with our Steampunk Leather Short Jacket. This short coat in faux leather fabric has a satin high collar. It features buckles with strap in front and on sleeves. The lining is of twill (100% cotton) fabric. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large XX-Large and XXX-Large are available with a supplement of $10.00